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Day 2: Bonding!

August 5, 2010

What a day! Breakfast in Manteo with drawing instruction (and tools!) from Beth Howard followed by a drive up the coast to Virginia Beach. Our “EZ PASS” transponder worked like a charm on the toll roads (thanks Kathleen!) and we arrived at the aquarium in time to get a behind the scenes introduction to pinnipeds and aquarium operations. After lunch we headed out to look for dolphins, and boy did we see them! We watched two different groups and tried our best to get a couple of images of their behaviors,which included tail slapping and leaping out of the water. After a presentation on the value of studying dolphin strandings we had dinner at a local seafood establishment. During dinner Steve noticed an alert on the TV nearby — severe thunderstorm heading our way! Kathleen caught a ride with our guest for the aquarium and returned to pick us up just before the bottom fell out. She even dropped us off at the front door of the hotel so we could stay dry and then ran through the rain! We are looking forward to our morning back at the aquarium before heading to Baltimore.

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