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Coming to the Tail-end…

August 11, 2010

What an amazing trip it has been. We arrived in our nation’s capital this evening after a long drive from Boston, MA. At this point in our travels, I don’t think there is anyone in our group that doesn’t feel an intense responsibility to communicate the issue of climate change and the effects on marine mammals. From dolphin watches, necropsies, aquarium tours, and a up-close and personal experience with a beluga, I know I am personally feeling very grateful for this experience.

Our time in Boston was one of the most poignant for me. Our visit to the New England Aquarium was wonderful, and being involved in the fur seal training session presentation was incredible. What a neat animal that is really beginning to be affected by the changes in our climate! The fur seal trainers were wonderful and very willing to share their love and passion with us, and the Education staff we met were so helpful and accommodating! Thank you John, Kara, and Lindsey and the rest of the staff for sharing your work with us.

The following day was our whale watch cruise. The day was perfect, sunny & warm with excellent water conditions! Upon boarding a large catamaran with 325 other excited humans, we cruised out to Stellwagen Banks and experienced both fin whales and humpback whales in the wild. When that first fin whale came to the surface to take a breath I was surprised at the emotion I felt! I watched an amazing animal do what they are meant to do in the wild and with every show of the fluke and breath of air, I felt tears in my eyes. It makes you feel hope, the fight is not over, and that there are 18 people with me willing to do what they can to make a difference.

Our evening ended with dinner at Austin Grill and a bit of karaoke. 🙂 Go Dacia, Shelley, and Beth!

We all are excited to explore DC tomorrow and continue our adventure together. Hard to believe our 10 days with MMI is almost over, but fortunately the true journey for us to facilitate change with our oceans has just begun.

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